Welcome to ERAL! Eral is a database of reviews of recent studies in Applied Linguistics and Language Acquisition, Language Methodology and Pedadogy, and related fields. Each review is composed of both a synopsis of the work, and a section regarding its application in the language classroom. The goal of this project is on-line access to a useful bibliography for Language Instructors. It is housed under the auspices of the Language Programs of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of California, Santa Barbara.



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This project is currently accepting reviews for inclusion in the database. Send any review which complies with the following standards to:

Professor Timothy Mcgovern


Format is the following:

The review must be saved as an HTML document
The work reviewed must either have been published since 1990 or be one of the crucial studies to language teaching.
*The work must not be one already presented in the database.
*The review must consist of approximately two pages containing a one page synopsis and a one page analysis of its
  application for language teachers.
*The reviewer's name and affiliation will appear at the beginning of the review.




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